Jesus Loves Lazarus - a monologue by Mary, sister of Lazarus, as she comes to grips with why Jesus let her brother die. 
Theme:  How can God let the righteous suffer?  

Mary's Musings -  the mother of Jesus muses about the very strange "baby gifts" (gold, frankincense and myrrh) given to her son.
Theme: Christmas. Jesus born to die.

Theme: Consequences of sin; God doesn't give up on us.

Theme: Rejection.

Miriam I & II - Two monologues by Miriam, sister of Moses
Theme 1: God hears and He cares.
Theme 2: Jealousy. Comparing yourself to others.

Dare to Hope - a monologue by the woman in II Kings whose barrenness is cured by Elisha, thuis giving her a child,  and then later that same son is raised by the dead by Elisha.  
Theme:  The pain that comes when long dead hope is revived, only to be killed again. 

Theme: Trying to find your value in your work.

Michal, wife of Kind David
Theme: What happens when you let hurts harden your heart.

God is Enough – a monologue by the widow who gave the last of her flour and oil to make a meal for Elijah and was rewarded with oil and flour that never ran out (I Kings 17:8-24)
Theme: God is enough for all our needs.

Noah's Wife - a monologue by Noah's wife.
Theme: Don't give up on your dreams.

Blessed is She -a dialogue involving a modern day disillusioned dreamer, and the biblical character Elizabeth, who finds her discarded dream of having a child comes true when she becomes pregnant with John the Baptist.
Theme: God given dreams come true in God's strength and God's timing, and give the glory to Jesus.

Peter's Mother-in-law
Theme: Letting God expand your limitations.

Anna Almost
Theme: Stewardship of ourselves

Noah's Wife - a monologue by Noah's wife.
Theme: Don't give up on your dreams.

Just a Few Loaves - a monologue by the mother of the boy who gave Jesus his lunch of five loaves and two fishes.
Theme: No matter what our abilities are, God can use them for His glory.

Theme: Trials hurt more the second time around

Barabbas' Mother
Theme: Easter & Jesus' death in our place

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