Deborah Ann Sweezy

"I was one of the people sitting on the hill , seeing Jesus feed the 5,000. I was lost in the moment of time, captivated by the message. It took me a moment to remember that I was only watching a performance and not really there. I have carried your first performance with me in my heart and my life will be changed evermore."



Pastor Karen Kelly

"Laurie was amazing!  She helped the women to realize the people in the Bible were just like us and that they experienced emotions just like us.  It truly was enjoyable to see her bring a woman from the Bible alive!"



Judy K.

"Laurie has graced our ABF with her monologues many times over the years.  Our ladies love her.  She always draws us in to the experience and brings new understanding to the text."



Mary S.

"I never thought of what Leah must have experienced not being truly loved by Jacob. Thanks for bringing her to life and speaking to my heart."